3 Everyday Eco-Friendly Products

It wasn’t long ago that striving to live in the most ecologically friendly way possible made someone something of an outsider. We used to refer to these people, with more than a little hint of derision, as eco-warriors. Now, however, being ecologically conscious is completely normal, and a good thing that is too!

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The effects of climate change are now very much present around us, they are no longer abstract dangers that may or may not appear in the future. We now understand the underlying science behind climate change, and not only has this made everyone more aware of the danger, it has also made many people more aware of just how easy it is to live in a more ecologically friendly way.

The products on this list are ecologically friendly and allow the environmentally conscious to easily live a greener life. There are nearly always greener alternatives to the products that we use everyday, all we have to do is look!

Cloth Napkins

Most homes have a stash of napkins somewhere, and millions of them are disposed of every day. These are single use items, meaning that they are constantly being disposed of and then having to be repurchased. As with most single use items, users of napkins can reduce their environmental impact by switching to a reusable alternative. Cloth napkins serve the same purpose as their tissue counterparts, however they can be washed and then reused afterwards rather than being sent to landfill.

Reusable Bags

We all need something to carry our groceries and other shopping in. While grocery stores will often offer paper bags, which are less harmful to the environment than their plastic counterparts, most of our shopping is carried home in a plastic bag. Worst of all, these bags aren’t very durable, meaning that after a few uses they need to be discarded, that’s if they are reused at all! A very simple yet very effective step that you can take in order to reduce your ecological footprint is to invest in a reusable bag (and to make sure that you remember to take it out with you of course!). Check out these custom printed reusable bags for a stylish and functional solution.

Rechargeable Batteries

Batteries aren’t going away anytime soon, we will always need these fuel cells to power various items around the home. Even though our main electronics, laptops, smartphones, and tablets, all have built-in rechargeable batteries, most other appliances are powered by AA or AAA batteries which cannot be recharged. Disposable items are a no-no for the eco-warrior and this is a perfect example of a product which isn’t just greener when it is reusable, it is far more useful to the owner. You will also save money by not having to buy new batteries constantly.

Living a more ecologically friendly lifestyle is nowhere near as difficult or as expensive as many people think. By making a few minor changes to your lifestyle and habits, and investing in a few simple greener alternatives to everyday products that you use, you can easily reduce your carbon footprint almost overnight.