Changes You Can Make to your Lifestyle That Benefit the Environment Part 2

In my last blog post, I set the stage for some of the changes you can make, that are simple to do, and also have a real impact on the environment for the better.

But I merely scratched the surface in that post, and thought it would be a great idea to continue on in that same vein for this post also. So let’s dive straight in.

Create a Compost Pile: 

I detailed in a previous blog post about how this can be done. This is a great way of using up food waste that would otherwise be tossed in the trash, maybe for the benefit of the refuse collection companies.

Check that post out for more details!

Use Your Own Cup at the Water Cooler:

How often do you visit the water cooler in work each day? Do you use a new cup each time? That is a serious amount of plastic, when you think about it, even in terms of a month.

Using your own cup means you will never need to use a disposable plastic cup again!

Love Hot Tea? Ditch the Tea Bags:

You will have 2 main benefits achieved here, by ditching tea bags. Firstly, the flavor is greater, as tea leaves are far fresher than those found in tea bags.

Secondly, there is far less packing material used, so you are benefiting the environment.

Imagine all the tea you drink over a year, and the amount of paper that goes into making those tea bags. It’s a lot, huh?

Choose Farmer’s Markets for Produce:

Choosing your local Farmer’s Market over big name shopping chains has many benefits. The produce you get is fresher and not genetically modified.

You are benefiting your local economy by buying there, rather than paying to a nameless, faceless brand. And you will benefit from having food that has not been sprayed from seed to harvest in harsh chemicals.

Why not get a bunch of friends together, and for best effect, carpool over to your nearest Farmer’s Market?

Start Your Own Gardening Routine:

If you don’t already, why not throw your hand at some gardening? You can grow your own veg, and even your own herbs, meaning you are getting the ultimate in freshness.

Gardening is good for the soul, and is a very rewarding and healthy past time, to boot.


No – Not beer! Bring your own bag to the store with you when you go shopping. Plastic bags are extremely durable, and can be re-used over and over.

So why not use them again, instead of getting a new bag each time. Better yet, look out for “Bags for life” that you can purchase, ideally made from plant fibers.

There we have it. All small steps that can make a huge difference. Why not examine your routines, and see what changes you can make?