What Are The Laws Regarding Traveling With Medical Marijuana?

The medical cannabis industry has been booming as the benefits of medical marijuana are becoming recognized, and the use of recreational cannabis is becoming both legal and acceptable. One thing that has been left in the gray area, however, is travel. Since state laws defer by state and from federal guidelines, you may not always be able bring your favorite green. Here are a few tips to traveling with medical marijuana:

  1. Always Check State Laws: The laws will vary by state, so you should always check the laws for your destination, as well as any states in between if you are using ground transportation. Many states will still arrest you if you are bringing marijuana across state lines, even if you have a prescription. The only way you are safe is if you travel between two bordering states that both permit marijuana use and will honor your prescription.
  2. Leave the Plants to the Pro’s: Leave the transport of actual plants to the cannabis delivery business pro’s in your area and never travel with a marijuana plant. Even states that allow for prescription use will not be too happy to see a plant in your car.
  3. Look on the Site: If you need a good supplier at your new location, a quick search for links such as https://greendoorwest.com/products/whoopi-and-maya-rub will connect you to products and services in your area.
  4. No Fly Zone: Because airports are federal jurisdictions, you will be expected to follow federal regulations which still criminalize all forms of marijuana use. This means that flying with your marijuana containing medication can get you arrested even if you have a doctor’s order.

While traveling with medical marijuana is still difficult, laws will change over time. At present, it is best to buy on site, rather than carry on any medical marijuana supplies.