Sustainable Non-Synthetic Fibers

Our world is vital to our future. Without it, we would have no place to live and thrive. Yet, every day, we do things that damage our Earth and the damages that we cause today will take years and years to repair. The resources that we use, may never be replenished. For this reason, there is a lot of talk about living a life that is eco-friendly. However, it isn’t just the amount of water or electricity that we use causing damage. You have to look deeper into the lives that we lead. This also means finding sustainable, non-synthetic fibers in our clothing.

The Problem with Synthetic Fibers

SyntheticWe all know that trash is overflowing in our landfills. Plastics never completely go away. Instead, they end up being washed out of the landfill and into our oceans. This can destroy our oceans. Not to mention, plastic is also very dirty to create, which also does not help our air quality. If you look at your favorite outfit with its bright colors and beautiful design, you may think it is perfect, but if you look deeper you will find that it is also bad for the environment. A lot of our clothing is made with toxic chemicals thanks to the dye that is used to create them. It is the second largest polluter of water on a global level. Simply take a look at polyester.

Polyester is in approximately 60% of the clothing that is available today. It is one of the most popular fabric types. When washed, it can shed microfibers that drain out into our soil and may eventually end up in our oceans as plastic. Admittedly, its only a small amount, but when combined with everyone’s laundry worldwide, it can be a major problem. Once it hits our oceans, plankton may eat the microfibers, then it will be eaten by fish, and as we eat them, we eat plastic. Do you want to add plastic to your menu for tonight?

A Better Alternative

Raw Wool

Raw Wool

It is hard to say that we will avoid wearing clothes because they are bad for the environment. We kind of need them to protect our privacy and to keep us warm. Therefore, a better alternative to the clothing that is now standard in our wardrobe, is using natural fibers instead of synthetic. One option is wool. It is a natural fiber that is renewable. You simply have to know that wool comes from what animal and you will know that each spring, sheep are sheared to keep them cool. Then that “fur” can be used to create clothing. Linen is plant-based since it is made from flax. Cotton is an all-natural plant that can be grown by farmers. Rayon and Modal are man-made, but it is made of cellulose, which is softwood trees.

Change Your Wardrobe and Change the World

Did you know it could be so simple to change the world for the better? Simply changing the way you dress can keep synthetic fibers out of our oceans, lakes, and rivers. Isn’t it worth it? Synthetic isn’t the only way to have comfortable, beautiful, and even stylish clothes and Mother Earth will thank you for putting her ahead of your appearance.