Why Swapping Your Light Bulbs Can Make Serious Savings (And Help The Environment Too)

If you are anything like me, your house is plagued with those horrible GU10 spotlights.

When I bought my house, I thought that the spotlight look in the kitchen areas was fantastic – the area was flooded with light, and the downlights really seemed to make the place look great.

However, I wasn’t long discovering the horrors of GU10 bulbs!

LED is the Best:

Seriously, have you ever tried to change one of these guys? They are absolutely impossible.

I tried just about every method to get these out of their holders set into the ceiling, and the pain would start all over again when it was time to install the new bulb.

And then I discovered that these halogen lights lasted no length at all.

That’s when a friend of mine, who happened to be training as an Electrician, advised me to swap the halogen for LED bulbs – and what a difference it made!

Abundant Savings:

Ok, I don’t know why this happened, but for whatever reason, the GU10 LED bulbs were much easier to install than the old halogen models. Things were looking up already!

My friend also advised me that LED bulbs last longer than the old halogen ones, much longer in fact.So, because they don’t need to be replaced nearly as often, you can accumulate significant savings over time.

And once upon a time, LED bulbs were pretty pricey. These days, they can be obtained for prices that are on a par with their halogen counterparts.

Better Energy Rating:

LED bulbs actually consume far less electricity than those old halogen bulbs.So, you are not only saving money on your bill each month, but you are being helpful to the environment also by swapping them out entirely.

And another thing is, the LED bulbs produce light under much cooler conditions. Those old halogen things literally baked in the ceiling – producing significant heat.

It is for this reason, my friend told me, that they blew so often. They were literally cooking themselves in the ceiling overhead!

Think about it – halogen bulbs are used in certain types of ovens and “air fryers” to cook food, at quicker cooking times than conventional ovens.

Do you really want that going on in your ceiling?

More Control:

LED tech has moved far greater along than halogen ever will. You can choose to have a range of different lighting types, from soft and warm to almost daylight like.

You can choose different colors, should you choose to.

You can even choose to get WiFi enabled bulbs that you can control with your smart device, enabling you to dim lights, turn them on remotely, change their colors and many other fantastic things.

If you are thinking of one simple way to improve your home, that is also environmentally friendly, you couldn’t go far wrong by swapping to LED!