Seven spectacular destinations for eco – travel

For people who accept this lifestyle, eco – traveling means to visit remote and undisturbed places in order to learn about nature and different cultures. This beautiful world has given us endless possibilities to enjoy in it, but in the last 100 years, we started to neglect its needs and slowly destroying it. If you are passionate about the travel and you want to preserve the environment and natural resources, we have seven breathtaking destinations, that will blow your mind.


Bonito is a remote town in western Brazil, also known by the name Caribe do Centro – Oeste, which means the Caribbean of the Central – West. The blue rivers which limestone beds behave as a natural water filters are a remarkable eyesight. The town is close to a national park of Serra da Bodoquena which ensures the protection of the entire ecosystem. You can find here the most diverse herbal system and some of the oldest plants in the world. The eco – tourism is just starting to develop here, have an opportunity to stay in exclusive resorts and local towns.

New Zealand

Based on many eco – travel lists, New Zealand is one of the most pristine countries in the world. I can personally vouch for that because I have visited it twice so far. You can hardly experience its beauties if you visit this country only once. New Zealand has a various terrain and its home to some of the unique plants and animals which inhabitant this part of the world. This country is an attractive destination for luxury eco – tourism, by offering you comprehensive tours and high-end accommodation, which doesn’t endanger the environment.


If you are a fan of Arctic beauty and cold winter, then this Norwegian town is a perfect destination for you. In the 1980 Røros became a part of UNESCO with its cultural and historical heritage. Scandinavian countries are famous for the preservation of the environment and Røros is no exception. Visitors have an opportunity to experience the local food, see wild animals and try their famous cheese. Traditional activities are ferry ride and dog sledding, which have the goal to promote eco – tourism. Alaskan Husky Tour was one of their first tourist attractions.

Cape Town

This is a popular destination for many people who would like to experience eco – traveling. The combination of natural beauty and captivating culture makes this place unique and remarkable. Considering that this is one of the largest cities in South Africa, it has easy access to the beach, forests, and mountains. Many restaurants will serve you a local food, and you can experience very reliable public transportation. Carbon – Neutral cabs make a great contribution to local community and nature preservation.